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Hat nicht vor kurzem in Barcelona ein kleines Sportfest stattgefunden? Auch richtig, die Olympischen Sommerspiele. Da war bekanntlich Dabeisein alles, weshalb U.S. Gold nicht nachstehen wollte.

Sämtliche Epyx-Olympiaden von Summer Games 1 & 2 über Winter Games und The Games: Summer Edition bis hin zu den California Games sind hier in einer Box vereint – summa summarum macht das sieben Disketten mit über 30 Einzelverausstaltungen.

Daß sich Digi-Athleten diesen Aufmarsch an Klassikern nicht entgehen lassen dürfen, ist damit wohl klar; zumal ein ausfürliche deutsche Anleitung beiliegt. Und jetzt haltet Euch fest: Geradezu lächerliche 79 Märker wollen die goldigen Jungs nur für ihr sportliches Großereignis haben! Wo sonst kommt man sooo billig an sooo viele Goldmedaillen?


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In the wake of the Olympics, here’s another sports game package jumping on the already overloaded bandwagon. The difference being that we’ve seen most of the contents on this compilation before - The Games Summer Edition, California Games and Winter Games, but Summer Games and Summer Games 2 have been commissioned solely for this compilation.

The Games Summer Edition, as you’ll probably remember, is based around the 1988 Seoul Olympics in South Korea. There’s a choice of eight events – archery, diving, hurles, velodrome cycling, hammer throw, pole vault, rings, and asymmetric bars. All are laid out well on the Olympic Village map screen.

By going to an event icon which is drawn above one of the stadiums, your choice is made. You can just practice, compete in all events or just choose one event. Either way it beats Ocean’s Espana – The Games by putting the player straight into action. You can also choose the two player set-up and compete against a chum. So as well as event variety there’s a bit of flexibility and scope too.

Summer Games and Summer Games 2 comprise 16 events including many of those already offered in The Games: Summer Edition, as well as extras like kayaking and skeet shooting. It has to be asked, why commision a game that includes events already in the package? Were they commissioned at all?

The Games Winter Edition is set up in much the same way as the rest of the compilation, with a choice of seven events, the luge, figure skating, speed skating, downhill skiing, slalom, the ski jump and cross country skiing. You can practice, compete in just one event or try your luck through all the events with the ultimate reward of medals.

Winter Games offers the Amiga sportsman even more variety with figure skating, free skating, speed skating, hot dog aerials, ski ump, biathlon and bobsled. It too is based around Olympic competition and is a definite must for all Eddie the Eagle fans. Yes the ski-jump has to be seen to be believed. Could this be the beginning of Eddy Eaglets on the Amiga?

On a more alternative note California Games puts you on the trail of hip dudes and cute babes, but remember to take your Bill and Ted phrase book. You’re taken to the sunny wacky West Coast where you’ll find half pipe skateboarding, foot bag, roller skating, BMX bike racing, flying disk, and surfing instead of field events and skiing. There are no more stuffy officials here – it’s freedom city where you’ll be disqualified unless you celebrate with wild dreams and behave like a bad dude. The judges are all washed up hippies while babes on the beach mark the surfing. Now that’s what I call radical, dude! (Calm down, Matthew – Ed.)

Yes, it’s a pretty varied package, but what about the mechanics? Well with events varying from horse-jumping (I’m really great at at that. I jumped three horses in a row once – Ed.) and athletics to clay pigeon shooting and surfing you’d expect the control system to be a complex one. Fortunately you’d be wrong, for the most part. The joystick is used in a different way for each different even, but everything you need to know is clearly explained in the manual. Although it can be awkward at times, controlling your sportsmen is generally a straightforward affair.

Graphically all of the games use a familiar, well worn, but successful formula. Animation is minimal, but effective with some alternative 3D views while backgrounds and intro sequences do create the right atmosphere.

Mega Sports offers variety, action and scope with a two player option, and despite a number of silly flaws (like the duplication of events), it’s a much more together sporting experience than most of the Olympics-inspired efforts we’ve seen so far. It’s a bit repetitive and there are a lot of disks to juggle with, but this isn’t too bad at all.

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U.S. GOLD OUT NOW £25.99

It wasn’t until I received a Commodore 64 that I really started to get into computer games. It was early 1982 and my beige suitcase (as they were fondly known) was given to me with the likes of Jumpman, H.E.R.O., and Pitstop II. With the exception of certain Spectrum games, no other machine could touch the C64 and, if decent Ultimate games were the only thing lacking on the C64, at least the many 64 owners could point to Epyx games and say ‘beat that’. And of these Epyx titles, the ‘Games’ series reigned supreme.

Summer Games, Summer Games II, and Winter Games were all classics of the time, and now both Summer titles have finally made it on to the Amiga. Marking an excellent ove on U.S. Gold’s part, they have bypassed a full-price release point and have headed straight to this rather good compilation.

That’s not to say that they don’t warrant a full-price release, though. Although the original versions are eight and five years old respectively, neither Summer Games nor its sequel have aged badly. With events ranging from cycling, kayaking, skeet shooting, and swimming, everything the would-be Sharron Davies or Daley Thompson could want to try is here – and all are extremely well presented.

Graphically, they are very similar to the C64 originals, and whilst the animation isn’t particularly wonderful, it serves its purpose. However, the main point in its favour is that each event requires genuine skill if you are to attain gold medal status.

The compilation is rounded off with the equally hot California Games, and this helps make Megasports one of the best compilations to appear from U.S. Gold’s Brummie offices.