Games: Winter Edition, The logo

Epyx - US Gold
Price: £19.99

Somewhat resembling one of life's rotund Honey monsters, the last time I did anything remotely connected with a winter sport was during a hard frost in '73 when I plucked a plastic model of Franz Klammer from my cereal box.

But even if you do have an awkward sporting handicap - Rambo's mind but Einstein's body for instance - so long as you can waggle a joystick you can have a darned good time on a sports sim, or so the theory goes.

The game is certainly comprehensive; and although Winter Edition rates OK in the toughness stakes, its graphics are lacklustre, it does not sustain interest, and the whole thing falls into the trap of being a value for money package whose individual games never quite blossom into greatness.

It is a bit like being given a bumper Christmas cracker - attractive as a whole, but pull it apart and out tumble things which, when all is said and done, really are of cheapo status.

TG gives you a one or two player option, and you can play one, several, or all games or practice one. Start off by selecting a team (try Brazil or Japan to check out their national anthems), then it is off to the opening and the lighting of the ceremonial flame (no sign of a burnt dove, however). Choose between the Lurge, Figure Skating, Speed Skating, Downhill Skiing, Slalom, or Cross Country Skiing - and many of these have a variety of courses.

The game contains many neat touches. In the Downhill Event you get to choose four camera positions, and once in close-up you get the chance to do a few fancy tricks for the folks back home. You get to choose the music and choreograph your routine - triple axes, the lot - in the Figure Skating section this one is tough). You get consoled by the crowd's polite applause when you fall on your bum.

The Ski Jumping is a particularly well executed section, as you hurtle down the ramp to soar - or not, as the case may be - like Lord Edward the Eagle. Now there is a fine figure of a man, who's finely options would, indeed, be of value here - "Oh yes, er Ski Jumping, er, yes... World Games, nice box, I keep my Mates in a box... and fishing bait too".

The Games - Winter Edition is a compendium-style lucky dip for those who like to out waggle the opposition. It is not in the same league as its earlier 64 counterparts though.