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DEEP in the boiling entrails of the earth dwell the infernal powers of darkness, ruled over by he whose name must never be pronounced. The Lord of Wrongdoing – oops – has stolen the Karna from mankind, the ultimate precious jewel granting infinite power to he who learns the secrets of its workings. Your task is to wrest it back.

In the steaming pits of the abyss, among grotesque demonic beasts and cruel traps, you must find eight objects that will lead you to the Karna.

Your character is a tiy wizard who jumps and leaps around the screen pointing his magic wand at the beasties and zapping them. The bottom two-thirds of the screen contains two levels which you can flit between. The top third contains information about your well-being or lack of it.

There’s a highest score and a current score, but no high score table. There is a pause, and you can use keyboard or a joystick. If you have 512k you are advised to disconnect your external drive.

Objects to collect include druid stones – less painful than the gall variety – and treasure chests. You can pick up a fire trident if you can swing on some creepers over a lake. There is also a bottle of life potion, but you’ll never get this if you have arachnophobia.

Some of the objects add to your score. A lot of good that does you when you’re dead.

Your armour score rises if you pick up protective scarabs, but the instructions give no clues about what to collect or avoid. In fact the instructions are almost non-existent. Yep, it’s another seat-of-your-pants game.

The screen remains static, only scrolling when you reach the left or right edge. This moves you on a level, not to be confused with the two vertical levels. Seems to make little use of the Amiga’s facilities, but the sampled FX are rather good.