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Fresh from success on the 8-bits: Tilt brings that classic form of entertainment, the rolling ball maze, to the Amiga in all its technicolour glory.

The gameplay is about as simple as gameplay gets - get the ball from the start of the 3D maze to the end without hitting the sides or any of the deadly gates, by tilting (hence the title) the board in one of the eight joystick directions and pressing fire to momentarily open the gates. Touching anything gets the ball sent back to the start, although any gates successfully past are removed from play, and reaching the end safely results in a new, tougher maze to negotiate. And that's the lot.

The game is displayed in bright, colourful solid 3D graphics which are a touch crude-looking but server their purpose well enough, and the gameplay proves to be frustratingly addictive, although the seemingly near-infinite amount of energy your ball is endowed with removes some of the tension.

Basically Tilt is a lot of fun, but after the first few screens you're likely to get a bit bored - there's not an awful lot you can do with gates and eight-directional passageways in the final analysis.