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ARC £19.99 * Joystick

The Thaalians were an ancient race that over the years developed machines and robots to serve them - but when the androids rebelled the Thaalians had no defence against their own creations. The robots constructed a great pyramid of six levels, at the very top of which was the crystal of Thaal which held the knowledge of the entire Thaalian civilisation.

As Max Danger, intrepid intergalactic explorer, you must make your way through all six levels to reach the crystal of Thaal and to learn of its vast intellect. To do this you must explore each room and touch the touchstone which you will find in each - once you have touched every touchstone on the level you will progress to the next.

Along the way you can collect handy objects such as spells which act, as smart bombs or extra energy, as well as bonus objects which do naff all except boost up your score.

The graphics are a bit limited and show little detail but the sprites move smoothly. The whole thing slows down noticeably when more than three objects are moving about on screen. Sound is narrowed down to an annoying little title tune, footsteps and explosions.

Overall, gameplay is spoilt by the lack of sound during play and the difficulty level is simply too high - reaching the end is too great a task.