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Although it might not be hot off the production line, as daft simplistic graphical adventures go, Mobsters City isn't a bad effort at all. The scene is set in the rather odd ReadMe which accompanies the game. "Detective Sargeant Silly was singing in his bath whilst playing the banjo overlooking a basket of vipers doing the conga when suddenly the phone rang. Jumping out of the bath D S Silly grabbed the nearest towel to cover his expenses, and skipped along to the phone..." And so it goes on.

The game itself is no less bizarre. Essentially you have to visit various locations in and around Mobsters City and ask passers-by pertinent questions. The objective is to rid the city of twelve gangsters, collecting pieces of a map which will lead you to the Big Boss along the way.

Locations you can visit include the Mobsters City Police Station, wherein you can view a list of wanted gangsters, complete with mug shots and descriptions; the local bar, which is a regular haunt for some of the mobsters; the street corner paper stand where you can pick up important leads; and the local card hall where you can play pontoon and try to raise some much needed funds to help you in your efforts.

Mobsters City isn't at the cutting edge of adventure gaming, but it's enjoyable enough all the same and the humour which is present throughout the proceedings helps to keep the interest level reasonably high.

Despite the statement at the start of the ReadMe saying that Mobsters City is Freeware, it's actually Shareware. If you enjoy playing it, the author, Dean Sharples, requests that you send him a fiver for his trouble.