The Legend of Billy Boulder

US GOLD £24.99 * Joystick

Billy Boulder was your average run-of-the-mill caveboy until one day he decides to rescue the Princess. She is being held captive by a spell of ageing cast by the mighty wizard Zor on a day when he was feeling a shade peeky himself.

Billy must fight his way through a series (of over 20) cities to find Zor. The cities are rough places, full of folks who want to kill him. He needs to carry a weapon at all times, throwing it to clear a path. This kills the spiteful townsfolk and allows him to pick up the jewels and keys they drop.

Each city is constructed in a maze style. Billy wanders the streets finding shops and the location of the next city or important people. The shops are useful not only for goodies but also a word menu allows him to question vendors.

Played from an overhead view, Billy is instantly accessible. Yet for all its vastness there is little excitement. Billy does not develop enough and the game has a monotone feel. It will last dedicatedly players for months but they will have to muster the enthusiasm first!