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Zeppelin Platinum * £7.99 * (Reviewed AF18 77%

On the box (no, not the telly), the boy Jocky sits astride a football while clutching a dart and a bowling ball. It's a disturbing sight. He's one of darts great characters - The Crafty Scottie, as he's never been known.

So what's it all about then? A compendium always sounds to me like there's Ludo or Snakes and Ladders involved. But no, you're enticed by such games as Scram and Shanghai, as well as football and 501.

The dart appears on screen, moving in a random circular fashion and you press on your joystick button when yu think the time is right to let the arrow fly. Not as easy as it sounds I assure you. You must feel better now you've been assured.

Anyway, the graphics are nicely drawn but the gameplay sadly lacking. The final word must go to Bully. "Moooo". Cheers Bully.