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Dexterity, cool, aggression, flying skill and a killer instinct are the main prerequisites needed to survive the death arena that is Gravity Force 2. Appealing to the competitive ‘bad loser’ in us all, Gravity Force 2 places you in the role of a gladiatorial space pilot pitted against a human adversary.

There are over 60 combat levels – or arenas – that the battles take place in. The scenery can be shot out or bombed to oblivion. Which is just as well reall, because if your spaceship hits said scenery, you die.

To help in your quest for glory, you can kill your opponent by shooting them, ramming them, or bombing them. Considering that both the bombs and the shots can be customised – blast area, recoiling shots, weighted shots and penetration of shots – and that almost every parameter to do with the game can be given the same treatment, the attention to detail is nothing short of staggering.

And I’ve left the best bit till last. All of this battling can take place between two machines. That’s right, all that’s needed is a null-modem lead and you can play the game against fellow Amiga owners. Me and the other Steve use this option to hook up with sister magazine Amiga Power and mercilessly prove our game playing superiority. Top, top stuff indeed.

If GF2 were to be given a full commercial-style package review, it would earn an Amiga Format Gold. Easily.