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Kosmos £19.99
As the education market starts to expand, CU takes a look at the best titles currently available. American primary school teacher, Chris Kennedy, and his English counterpart, Helen Reidy, are our guides.

This comprehensive program gives you vocabulary revision on everything from medical terms to the weather. The package includes 32 different topics with a large variety of associated vocabulary and grammar. You can create your own lessons, plus set time limits before the translated answers come up on screen.

As you improve, you can reduce the time you allow yourself to answer! All this makes for a particularly versatile package which should give a lot of mileage for both tutor and student. For example, you could (if you really got the urge!) fill a file of Goethe's poetic vocabulary - and so on.

This is one of the few downright honest programs which does not go overboard in its claims. The wrapping say it is an aid to reducing the tedium of vocabulary learning. And, as such, it really does do its job well.

Kosmos have released this package as part of a range of similar language tutor programs. Look out for versions in French, Italian, Spanish and, of all things, Welsh. (The Welsh tutor is, as yet, only available on the BBC family of machines). All are priced at around the £20 mark.