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Dizzy the infamous Egg has been pitched into the ocean by, presumably, someone who fervently believes that the world might have seen the last of him. Don't worry though, luckily he has with him his trusty snorkel.

So, thankfully Dizzy doesn't drown (well, not immediately in any case). Instead, he decides to make his way back up to the surface once more. (Handy hint: a god way to find out if an egg is rotten is to drop it in water, if it floats then it's a real rotter.)

This is where our Easterphobic friends needs your help. You must control Dizzy, bouncing him off the bubbles which rise up from the depths of the sea-bed. These bubbles are effectively moving platforms, and Dizzy must try to leap between them, cadging a lift ever upwards until they finally burst.

Interesting technical point here - how does a bubble burst when it's underwater, exactly? But never mind. You get Dizzy to the top as fast as you possibly can, trying to avoid all the nasties, like whales, jellyfish and other crustaceans.

It's another simple, infuriating concept, and you'll be swearing in fluent Russian at the screen before long. Never mind, there's every chance that your two-year-old nephew will pick it up and complete the game at the first sitting...

It's cute, cheerful, not amazing, and basically a bit of mildly addictive fun.