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"Easier than Hopscotch, beating all the top-notch racers" as Andy Smith's fave, George Formby, once sang. Oh dear.

Not wanting to start on a negative note but if this game only had one careful owner previously it would be an improvement. Thank goodness Jeremy Clarkson’s unlikely to get his mitts on it!

There are a total of six courses for you and a mate to race on and you can also race these individually (or sequentially in Grand Prix mode, if you finish each race in the top three) if you so desire. Suppose you fancy a quick one-race, you’re presented with a rear view of your car (a la OutRun) as you go, erm, speeding round the course.

After a few seconds you’ll realise why this game isn’t much fun to play. The car handles like a cow. A very slow cow with no motivation to go any quicker. Or to respond to commands like ‘turn left a bit’ or ‘turn right! Now!’. The time lag between joystick or key presses is horrendous. The screen chugs along while you’re blasting down the straights and your car adopts some very strange shapes as it tries to go round corners.

There are a few options to play around with which should make life more fun, so let’s play with them: difficulty levels – the appreciable difference between Novice and Expert is non existent unless you turn on the one option that actually does anything – the auto align option. With this on you’ll notice that whenever you drive over any of the big arrows indicating there’s a corner coming up your car will align itself in the direction of the arrow. This is not always helpful.

Boscar is poorly designed and poorly implemented. With some very poor cut and intro screens thrown in. The gameplaying experience is wholly unjoyous. You simply hold down accelerate and attempt to turn corners. That’s it.

Even when two of you are racing, trying your best to beat each other, it’s hard to feel anything approaching a rush of adrenaline. And finally, despite being told on the first course that "Cutting corners doesn’t pay… … cheats never win at BosCar" you’ll find you can cut as many corners (or whole hairpin bends) as you like, the only penalty being a short loss of speed.

It’s hard to imagine Stunt Car Racer was launched on the Amiga back in 1989, isn’t it?