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My eyes have gone all funny and I feel sick, and Bob's Bad Day could do the same to you. It's something to do with the way the screen goes round and round and round.

Bob is having one of those days, his head has been removed. Most of us would give up at this point, seeing decapitation as a pretty final statement, but not you. You are going to bounce and roll your way through 51 hectic, puzzle-ridden levels to meet your other half, and then on through another 50 levels controlling both halves of yourself before final unification.

The game revolves around collecting coins, almost literally. Your head stays resolutely in the middle of the screen while the world revolves around it, often at dizzying speeds. Each level is against the clock, collect all the spondulicks and reach a target before the time runs out and it's on to the next level.

Gravity, generally speaking, points downwards, so you fall to the bottom of a level. Moving the joystick left and right turns the entire level around you, press fire and you jump. All you need to do is turn the world so you can get the coins.

It's not that easy, of course. There are awkward corners to manoeuvre yourself into, and nasty surprises to greet you there. Scattered about the levels are various bonuses to help and hinder you. Some change the direction of gravity, forcing you to think quickly to suss out which way you are going to fall. Others include heavy gravity, teleport, sticky ball and one that gives you the ability to thrust, as they call it.

You will need a combination of brains and quick reactions. The puzzles are increasingly tricky and things can get very fast indeed, almost too fast. Get a bit enthusiastic with the joystick and you rocket about like a thing possessed.

Fast spin cycle
The spinning effect is superb, very smooth and quick. The graphics are simple and frighteningly colourful with some smart parallax effects in the background. It sounds dead funky too. Once you get the hang of the control method, the game comes to life. It's a refreshing change rom the seemingly endless flow of platform games. The levels are cunningly designed and the action is frantic. Get your disembodied head through the first levels and you are in danger of being hooked - it's very playable.

There is not any great depth or longevity in it, but Bob's Bad Day is great fun, even if you do have to lie down for a while after a long session until the world stops moving. It's positively kaleidoscopic.