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If you were a fan of Andrew Braybrook's classic Uridium, but were disappointed with the Amiga conversion, then Blizzard may well be for you. Although not quite as technically stunning as Uridium 2, Blizzard is a no-thrills shoot 'em up based very closely on Braybrook's C64 classic.

The basic idea is to fly a small spacecraft across the surface of a large starcruiser, shooting alien ships as they fly by with guns blazing. Most fly in formation, making them very easy to kill, but look out for space mines and vertical sections of the starcruiser that just out into space - get hit by any of these obstructions and you are space dust (not to be confused with banned sweet).

Available from: Anglia PD. Anglia House, 30 Victoria Street, Felixstowe, Suffolk IP11 7EW. Disk no. Arcade Pack disk 4. Tel: 0394 284 494. Phone for price.