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It is Dungeon Master in a spaceship! Okay, so it is not as deep as Dungeon Master, but it has got the walking around a 3D maze bit - with monsters too!

The gameplay is pretty straightforward and involves getting from one end of a maze to the other, collecting cash and buying weapons along the way. Should you happen to meet a slimy green alien, you can splatter him across the walls with your current weapon which could be anything from a knife to a rocket launcher.

You do not get the fully animated 3D texture maps of games like Legend of Kyrandia, but you can still keep track of the flick-screen 3D graphics with the help of the map. Nowhere near commercial standard, but not bad for PD.

Available from: Pathfinder PD, 41 Marion Street, Bingley, West Yorkshire, BD16 4NQ. Disk no. 1. Price: *#163;2 including P+P.