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School Software £22.95
As the education market starts to expand, CU takes a look at the best titles currently available. American primary school teacher, Chris Kennedy, and his English counterpart, Helen Reidy, are our guides.

Better Maths is aimed at 12-16 year olds. It includes thorough revision work on such diverse topics as algebra, quadratic equations, gradients and factors.

You can go for Tutor or Test options to either gen up on a topic or test yourself on what (you think) you already know! Then there is the grand finale of a general revision section, presumably aimed at finishing off those last few remaining brain cells!

Apart from the appalling speech synthesis - the robotic Amigaspeak really gets you down after a while - the only big irritations are that the program does not allow you to slip into reverse and flick back a page if you need to recap, and that typing errors are treated as wrong answers. It ends up teaching you more about keyboard layout than mathematical expertise.

The programming may leave something to be desired, but the content and presentation are very sound. The program certainly could not claim to teach you something completely new - you would still need a flesh and blood tutor to explain something that really mystifies you!

But, as long as you are happy to bring along your book of logarithms and a pencil and paper, you will get some decent practice for the maths exam from this package.