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Publisher: Base 2, Home Farm Cottage, Everingham, York YO4 4JD * Price: £9.80 * Versions: Any Amiga * System requirements: 1 Mb * Release: Out now

Battle Trucks is a race game where you’re put in control of a truck with the intent of racing against a like opponent, either human or computer. The aim being to race between two blue pads over various terrain and out-drive or blow up your adversary so that they have no more credits left.

The main problem with the game lies in the implementation and control system. Imagine a version of Micro Machines with cars that are too big, travel too quickly, and are too difficult to control, then you’ve just about mastered the idea.

Even with intense practice the trucks can’t be mastered. This invariably leads to frustration and intense dissatisfaction with the whole experience. More objective game testing needed on this one, methinks.