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Dear Points of View, why, oh why, do people still keep producing quiz games where you win pretend cash? Despite the obvious flaw (you don't get the dosh) they are still massively intriguing, especially when played by a group, with everybody yelling wrong answers.

Arcade Trivia Quiz spoils this advantage with a dodgy joystick system that you don't so much control as react to. The catagories flash past while the timer kicks down so you're penalised for waiting for a topic you can answer, which seems a bit unfair.

The questions are varied and offer some reasonably outrageous answers. The game looks pretty but can't escape its own essential pointlessness. A reasonable example of a strange genre Arcade Trivia Quiz isn't horrendous it just isn't that hot.

Der Kandidat hat 32 Punkte...

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Steht Ihr auf Gameshows, diese hektischen Frage-und-Antwort-Spielchen, mit denen uns die Privatsender andauernd belästigen? Ja? Echt?? Wirklich??? Na, dann könnte Euch ja sogar dieses Budget-Programm gefallen.

Obwohl, eigentlich können wire es uns nicht recht vorstellen: Erstens sollten die bis zu drei Ratefüchse hier möglichst die Queen persönlich kennen (die Fragen sind nicht nur englisch, sondern auch sehr speziell!), und zweitens kann man zwar Geld gewinnen, aber drittens wenig, und auch das nur in digitaler Form.

Mit einem ebenso mageren wie englischen Pfund Startkapital wagt man sich an die Fragen aus sechs Wissensgebieten. Dazu wird per Joystick das entsprechende Kärtchen (Reagenzglas steht für Wissenschaft, Noten bedeuten Musik, etc.) aus einer pyramidenförmigen Anordnung herausgeklickt; von unten bis zur Spitze muß aus jeder Reihe zumindest eine richtige Antwort kommen.

Und das ist trotz Multiple Choice gar nicht so einfach, denn das knappe Zeitlimit reicht kaum aus, um die vier Vorschläge überhaupt erst zu lesen! Wer den Gipfel dennoch erfolgreich erklommen hat, darf sein "Geld" noch durch zusätzliche Bonusrunden vermehren. Bei einer falschen Antwort kommt der nächste Kandidat an den Drücker, und sollte gar die Kohle alle sein, ist sowieso Sense.

Die Musikuntermalung ist flott, die Grafik eher schlicht, und Gottschalk war auch nirgendwo zu entdecken.

Vielleicht hattte ihn das Game einfach zuviele "leider": Leider ist die Steuerung schlecht durchdacht, und leider schnarcht die Motivation - weil leider unsere Hausbank den Gewinn schon wieder nicht akzeptieren wollte! (jn)

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Do software publishers know something we don't? It's the only feasible explanation for the constant stream of gambling games like this, where the only point of the original was to win money - something which the Amiga clearly can't deliver.

This particular release follows a pretty standard format, with loads of multiple-choice questions eventually giving the opportunity to win some cash by answering, er, some multiple-choice questions.

There are six fairly broad categories of teaser to chose between, and up to three players are catered for. The questions are well-mixed for difficulty, but on only my second game I was already beginning to find them repeating. The format is remarkably similar to, but not as well designed as, Code Masters' Pub Trivia Simulator from a yeark or so back, but this version does have a completely excellent piano soundtrack as some form of compensation.

There's isn't really an awful lot else I can tell you about this one - if you can accept the concept this is a reasonably (but only reasonably) well-executed implementation of it, but as a one-player game it's a waste of money which could be better spent on the real thing, where there'd at least be the chance of winning something tangible.

If you regularly have chums round to play with your Amiga though, you'll probably just about get your money's worth from it.

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A great chance to test your general knowledge expertise without sending begging letters to appear on Blockbusters. Test not only your panoramic wisdom but also how fast your reflexes are by answering the questions within the time limit.

Arcade Trivia Quiz is not just for the high-minded academic. No sirree! Huge amounts of money can be won, as you rake in the cash with every correct question you answer. If you manage to answer all the questions in a section, you can go for the big cash run. This is where the shekels can be raked in. Who says it doesn't pay to be a swot? This game brings out the gambler in everybody. A jackpot question allows you the option of doubling your money. The sky's the limit if you wish to go for gold, but will you be a cowardly custard and cash in your winnings?

The topics covered range from art and literature to sport. They vary from questions on Virginia Woolf to the birth date of Terry Wogan!

The graphics are cartoon-style, which blends in with the jokey feel of the game. However, they could be improved as the main, if not the only selling pint of the game, are the general knowledge questions. The worst feature is the music. A dreadful honky tonk piano plays incessantly throughout the game. Come back, Liberace, all is forgiven!

Arcade Trivia Quiz will come in useful for practice at the local pub quiz but unfortunately little else.