Spikey in Transylvania logo

Codemasters £7.99

Blimey, there I am harping on about Seymour goes to Hollywood's blatant similarity to Dizzy, when along comes yet another puzzle-based arcade/adventure from the Codies.

I can imagine the scene in their boardroom as they toss around new project ideas: 'Hmm, what sort of game can we tackle next.'. Dizzy sold well, so let's do another arcade/adventure!'. Sad really.

The thing is, no matter how much they cram into these games, and no matter how often the title character is changed, they still get dull after prolonged play. Spike is extremely average stuff and stars a Hagar the Horrible look-alike who must explore - surprise, surprise - a series of flick-screen rooms.

OK, so it's well done, but we've seen it all before. Personally, I'd rather Codemasters stuck the word 'Simulator' after every title again...