Passing Shot logo

Imageworks, AMIGA

Passing Shot claims on the packaging to be the "most accurate simulation... to appear". As far as I'm concerned that's a contravention under the Trade Description Act. Sega's arcade game had a major design fault in it that it transfers the view rapidly from a straight on, observer's position to an overhead one. Imageworks' conversion takes the problem from bad to worse by making the screen scroll back so slowly that when it reveals the back of the court it's far too late to move your player if he's out of position.

In short this is an unmitigated disaster. The ball loops high into the air, not unlike that diet Coke advert doing the rounds, and then fails to bounce at all.
Realism is nowhere to be found. Sound is completely incompetent and it has a set of garish colours the LTA would ban for contravening the rules of good taste.

If you're after a great sim, World Tennis on the PC Engine has to be seen to be believed. It's probably the best sport simulation yet created for a home computer. A hundred and seventy-five pounds for a console and a copy of the game might seem like poor value for money, but it can't be more outrageous than this.