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So here it is at last, Dizzy's third Amiga adventure. The character has sold well over half-a-million games on all formats so far, and has a chart record unrivalled in the history of the industry.

Nothing I could do or say could stop this from being a huge hit, but then I'm not going to try. I love the little ovoid scamp, y'see, and as the most accomplished game in the series so far, Magicland Dizzy is just dandy by me.

The searingly bright cartoon graphics, the fab bouncy music, the well-balanced and rewarding mix of platform-jumping and puzzle-solving, the deceptively gentle pace - the Dizzy series didn't get wehre it is today by not being bloody good fun, pal.

If I had to make a criticism (well it is my job, after all), it would be that this isn't dramatically different from the last two games, but since people are still buying and playing those two today, you can't blame the Codies for not wanting to change such a hugely successful formula.

Magicland Dizzy is an arcade adventure built on a solid base of character and age-old tried-and-tested gameplay, and I can't really fault it.