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Amiga Power

Cover of amiga Power, Issue 1, April 1991
Cover issue 1, April 1991
Publisher Future Publishing
Cover of amiga Power, Issue 58, February 1996
Cover issue 58, January 1996
Language English
Circulation Monthly
years 1991-1996
History In April 1991, at the height of the Amiga's popularity, Future Publishing introduced Amiga Power - It would become the most popular (some would say notorious) Amiga mag of the world. It's sister magazine Amiga Format was geared towards the all-round Amiga-enthusiast. Amiga Power was intended for the hardcore Amiga gamer. Throughout its lifetime the reviews were often regarded as harsh but righteous. If a game was awarded a score of 90% or higher, you could bet it was the next best thing since sliced bread. Amiga Power's hard criticism in reviews often offended publishers because it would negatively affect sales of the reviewed games. Towards the end of the magazine's lifetime when the number of reviews decreased, focus moved to general cult articles like a tribute to Michael Cain and exploring the realms of the paranormal (?!).
Scoring system The score-system is not very sophisticated. A scorebox sums up the game's positive aspects ('uppers') and negative points ('downers'). A game is awarded a score ranging from 1% to 100%. Games scoring 90% or higher were few and far between.
Personal opinion OK, OK, Amiga Power is unofficially regarded as the world's most popular Amiga mag, but I have never bought any single issue. I already bought three Amiga mags a month and preferred spending my remaining pocket money at something more serious… empty floppy discs for example (Groan!). I still peeked in the magazine when I was at the newsagents, though. My main thought always was: 'Why are they so angry?'. Every review and article had a certain cynicism to it which made it very uncomfortable to read.
My negative opinion about Amiga Power has diminished somewhat nowadays. Most of their reviews are actually funny to read and I am happy they can be found on this site.