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Amiga Joker

Amiga Joker
Cover of Amiga Joker, February 1991
Cover February 1991
Publisher Joker Verlag
Cover of Amiga Joker, January 1992
Cover January 1992
Cover of Amiga Joker, November 1994
Cover November 1994
Language German
Circulation Monthly, August and September bimonthly
Years 1989-1996
Scoring system Games can get a final score between 0% and 99%. If a game scores 85% or higher it gets an Amiga Joker Award. If a game scores 70% or higher a meaningless recommendation-box is added to the review. An unique feature of Amiga Joker is the cartoon-like facial expression of the joker when a game scores a certain percentage. This ranges from a Joker raving mad and putting his thumbs up to a less subtle picture of a vomiting Joker for games scoring 10% or less. Many factors are taken into account when giving a verdict to a game. In the first issues these were Graphics, Music, Playability, Lastability, Originality (Spielidee) and Value for money (Preis/Leistung). In 1992 the latter two were replaced with ratings for Animation and Sound-FX.
Personal opinion Amiga Joker was one of the few magazines which came without a coverdisc so it was relatively cheap to buy. The magazine immediately got my attention because of its beautiful drawn covers, cartoon-like layout and most important of all - the huge amount of reviewed games. If a game was not reviewed in Amiga Joker it simply was not published in Germany. With an average of 35 reviewed games a month in 1991, Amiga Joker was the main source of information about Amiga games. Because of this quantity there was not a huge amount of space reserved for a review. Games like Mercenary III, Legend of Kyrandia and Lemmings which are regarded as classics nowadays got reviews which took up only half a page. The magazine was also rather sparse in giving away Awards for games but if a game got a score of 85% or higher, it was really worth to get.