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Amiga Format

Typical layout of a review in Amiga Format
Typical layout of a review in Amiga Format
Cover of Amiga Format, January 1992
Cover January 1992
Publisher Future Publishing
Cover of Amiga Format, August 1989
Cover August 1989 (First issue)
Cover of Amiga Format, May 2000
Cover May 2000 (Last issue)
Language English
Circulation Monthly
Years 1988-2000
History Amiga Format started in 1988 as Atari ST and Amiga Format and became Amiga Format in 1989. The magazine always brought the wide scope of Amiga software, hardware and community to the attention of its readers. It is said the main strength of the magazine was achieved in 1998, when almost no other Amiga magazine was left and it became THE written letter for the ever-shrinking English speaking community. Although Amiga Format shrunk to less than 100 pages per issue, it managed to maintain its high quality of writing. May 2000 saw the last ever issue of Amiga Format with a look back at its rich history.
Scoring system Every game is reviewed by a single reviewer who also expresses his/her personal opinion of the game in the review. A game's positive and negative points are taken into account when giving it a score in percent (ranging from 0% to 100%). If a game gets more than 90%, it earns an 'Gold Award'.
Personal opinion Amiga Format was one of the many magazines which was not sold at my newsagent. I only bought this magazine when I had money to spare and a different newsagent was nearby. The contents of the coverdiscs that came with the magazine also influenced whether I wanted to buy the magazine. I always found Amiga Format shared similarities with CU Amiga in the way they covered various aspects of Amiga and awarded scores to games - they were not much different. Despite these similarities Amiga Format was more a games-magazine with much more games reviewed a month. They always were a good read.