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Amiga Computing

Cover of Amiga Computing, September 1997
Cover September 1997
Publisher Newsfield
Cover of Amiga Computing, December 1993
Cover December 1993
Language English
Circulation Monthly
Years 1988-1998
Scoring system The scoring-system has changed quite a lot during the magazine's lifespan. Generally a game got a short description about the quality of graphics, sound, playability and addiction-factor and was awarded with a score (ranking 0% to 100%). If a game scored 90% or higher, it was awarded with a 'Gamer Gold'-award.
Personal opinion I have only bought a couple of issues of Amiga Computing. Main reason is the magazine was not sold at my newsagent and it was aimed at the serious Amiga hobbyist - so games were automatically of second interest. The magazine featured many Do-It-Yourself articles which continued for months like AMOS listings & Arexx courses and general articles like ethical questions about violence in videogames. Games were reviewed in a special section of the magazine which covered only major game releases. Although the number of reviews was low, the general attention and quality of the text more than made up for this. The scores awarded to the games were high but since they reviewed only the top crop of games they were fair.