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Title, Publisher, Year, GenreReview
10 out of 10 Early Essentials;10 out of 10;1992;Edutainment;Amiga Format:74%
10 out of 10 - English;10 out of 10;1992;Edutainment;Amiga Format:72%CU Amiga:72%
10 out of 10 Maths Algebra;10 out of 10;1992;Edutainment;Amiga Format:78%
10 out of 10 Maths Number;10 out of 10;1992;Edutainment;Amiga Format:76%
1000 Miglia;Simulmondo;1992;Racing;Amiga Format:51%
1869 (AGA);Max Design;1993;Simulation;Amiga Format:86%Amiga Joker:86%
1869;Max Design;1992;Simulation;Amiga Format:90%Amiga Joker:85%Amiga Power:79%
1943;US Gold;1989;Shoot-'em-up;Amiga Joker:34%
1990 - Die 92er Edition;APC/TCP;1992;Simulation;Amiga Joker:65%
1993;APC/TCP;1993;Simulation;Amiga Joker:69%
1st Division Manager;Codemasters;1992;Sports;Amiga Joker:16%
3 Stooges, The;Cinemaware;1988;Action;CU Amiga:8
3001 - O' Connor's Fight 2;Rainbow Arts;1990;Simulation;Amiga Joker:28%
3D Construction Kit 1;Domark;1991;Game Creator;Amiga Format:91%
3D Construction Kit 2;Domark;1993;Game Creator;Amiga Power:80%
3D-Pool;Firebird;1989;Sports;Amiga Computing:83%Amiga Joker:85%Zzap:78%
3rd Courier, The;Accolade;1990;Adventure;Amiga Joker:76%Zzap:43%
4 Get It;Silverfox/TTR;1992;Puzzle;Amiga Joker:15%
4D Sports Boxing;Mindscape;1991;Sports;Amiga Joker:70%
4D Sports Driving;Mindscape;1992;Racing;Amiga Joker:51%
4th and Inches;Accolade;1989;Sports;Zzap:69%
5th Gear;Hewson;1990;Racing;Amiga Format:42%
688 Attack Sub;Electronic Arts;1990;Simulation;Amiga Format:86%CU Amiga:86%
7 Gates of Jambala;Thalion;1989;Platform Game;Amiga Format:79%Amiga Joker:73%
9 Lives;ARC Developments;1991;Platform Game; Amiga Joker:44%