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For some time now two-player games have been all the rage. Now you can not only take on another player at tank warfare, but he/she can be at the other end of a modem link. Unfortunately it is restricted to those with Hayes compatible modems, but it is a step in the right direction.

You are in control of a tank that starts life safely ensconced in its own fortress. The task is to find and attack the enemy fortress, capture its flag and return to base. The action is viewed from above, with a vertically split screen for the two player game.

The tank can be one of three types, each having different speeds, fuel capacity, armour, number of mines and capacity to rescue men. Each fortress is composed of a large number of gun turrets and other buildings. As you rumble around you have to watch the guns, mines and helicopters that can blast the rivets out of your tank.

You can destroy just about everything in the game, even the trees and the little men that run out of destroyed buildings. You can also rescue your own men and return them to base. The two-player game is a straight race/battle to get the opponents flag first, while in the one-player game you have a limited number of lives to do it in.

The graphics are OK but lack variety. The sound effects are more pleasing - a near constant series of large explosions. Certainly best played with two, but even then the action eventually becomes repetitive.