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The Bad Company in question are a bunch of eight soldiers born and bred just to blast baddies. The baddies that need destroying this time are a load of insectoids who are inhabiting four worlds - four worlds that we want to inhabit, so they have to go, and the Bad Company have been called in to 'persuade' them.

It is a one or two player shoot em up with its roots firmly based in Space Harrier (that is, your character is at the front of the display and all the buddies run from the back of the screen towards him). Before starting out, you first have to decide which of the eight you would like to be, as each character has abilities that are peculiar to him; so he can carry heavy weapons but are none too agile whereas others can move around swiftly, but are not strong enough to lug the big weapons about.

Once you have decided on the character, you can then choose which of the four planets you want to start on and you are beamed down. From here on in it is just a case of running along, blasting absolutely anything that comes towards you and trying not to take too many hits because each one leaves a chunk missing from your health meter.

Once the meter reaches bottom you lose one of your four lives. Fortunately, your health will repair itself gradually, but the way things go you are often unable to sit around waiting for it to recover before you are thrown into the fray again.

You guessed it, there are tougher-than-average baddies to be encountered along the way and the best way to deal with these is to pick up the extra weapons that are dopped down from the orbiting mother ship - you start the game with two weapons, which can be switched between at the touch of a button. Clear the planet of aliens and you can then move onto a tougher one, with a bigger points bonus should you manage to survive it.


Everything is smoothly animated and fast, but the sprites are not particularly well drawn: they look a lot better when they explode. The backgrounds and the floor are fine, but a little dull. Sound is OK as far as it goes: you get a couple of jaunty tunes and some nice spot effects.


Pure blasting fun - best in two player mode. It does not have the impulsiveness of Operation Thunderbolt and it lacks variety too. It is quite tough, though, so it will certainly take you quite a while to complete.


Simple blasting fare that is fun for a while but soon becomes tedious. It is addictive at first, however, and although it is not as much fun as something like Operation Thunderbolt or Space Harrier, it will nonetheless keep you entertained and playing for a reasonable while.

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Zäh wie Leder, hart wie Kruppstahl, auf Mord und Totschlag gedrillt - so sind sie, die durchtrainierten Killer aus "Logotrons" neuem Weltraum-Gemetzel! Bestimmt kein Spiel für feinsinnige Gemüter...

Zwei kampflustige Weiber und sechs blutrünstige Söldner stehen bereit, um insgesamt vier Planeten zu "kolonialisieren". Die finster dreinblickende Truppe wird dem Joystickmasseur mit Text und Portraitgrafik vorgestellt. Jede(r) verfügt über andere Eigenschaften: Der eine kann bestimmte Waffen nicht nutzen, der andere bewegt sich dafür im Gefecht äußerst schwerfällig.

Hat man sich schließlich einen oder zwei dieser reizenden Zeitgenossen ausgesucht, bestimmt man den ersten zu kolonialisierenden Planeten. Nach einem kurzen Flug durch's Weltall geht die Ballerei dann endlich los; das riesiger Raumschiff schwebt noch einen Moment über der Planetenoberfläche, und die Helden werden abgesetzt.

Die Laserwumme tragen sie zwar wie eine Schultüte, aber was soll's, Hauptsache, die heranfliegenden Insektenmonster zerbersten in prachtvollen Explosionen!

So schlendern die Jungs (oder Mädels, klar!) in "Space Harrier"-Manier über den Planeten und feuern auf alles, was sich auch nur von weitem nähert.

Oft stellen herumstehende Felsen die letzte Rettung dar, wenn die feindlichen Insekten mit warmen Laserstrahlen auf unsere Helden zielen. Durch das Abschießen von schwarzen Plastikkugeln lassen sich manchmal wertvolle Extrawaffen erbeuten - Kanonen, die in hohem Bogen Feuerblitze verschießen, rasend schnelle Lasergewehre und vieles mehr.

Per Tastatur kann man auch noch eine Reservewaffe aktivieren; wer die Kampfkraft seiner Wumme ins Unermeßliche steigern will, der sollte die roten Energiekapseln einsammeln, die gelegentlich auftauchen: sie sorgen dafür, daß die Laserkanonen schneller und wirkungsvoller feuern.

Bad Company spielt sich wirklich prächtig, besonders zu zweit macht diese sauber programmierte Laser-Orgie stundenlang Spaß. David Whittakers Supersound, aber auch die fast ruckfreien 3D-Grafiken von Chris Sorrell und Pete Lyon haben echte Klasse!

Für langdauernde Motivation ist ebenfalls gesorgt: Bis alle vier Planeten von den wilden Insekten-schwärmen gesäubert sind, ziehen sicher einige Wochen ins Land.

Fans von gutgemachten Ballerspielen können hier beherzt zugreifen; Feingeister sollten lieber die Finger davon lassen - bei Bad Company wird nämlich geballert, bis der Daumen kracht! (Carsten Borgmeier)

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Amiga reviewPaul: Bad Company consists of the sort of people who say 'mutha' instead of 'mother' and will need no second invitation to drop their trousers and show you their battle scars. Yeuch.

You have to recruit one of these lovelies and then select a planet so that he can introduce it to the benefits of colonisation. To be honest, I could see precious little difference between the performance of the characters and the planets seemed well nigh identical.

Colonisation consists of walking down a path and killing things. The occasional pause to pick up more weapons and replenish energy stocks would be wise but apart from that it's strictly a case of move and shoot.

Movement ranges from slow to sluggish and the sound is disappointingly thin for an Amiga version. Some of the meanies are quite interesting, particularly the walking, blinking eyes but not interesting enough to sustain interest. Basically this is Space Harrier with lead boots on.