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Update 30-12-2010
Death Trap One day to go and it is goodbye 2010, hello 2011. Twenty years(!) ago the Amiga was at its commercial & creative height with 30 new games on average being released each month including some landmark titles like Lemmings, Populous 2 and Turrican 2.
Less-known titles went below the radar but I am glad I discovered them after all and played them for hours just to grab pictures for this site. I am talking about Death Trap and Duck Tales: two highly addictive games sporting great graphics and music.
I wish you all a happy, healthy and playable 2011!

It won't come as a surprise, but I mainly concentrated getting reviews starting with 'D' online:
Adidas Championship Football (AJ), Armada (AF & CU), Austerlitz (AF), Championship Manager Italia '95 (AF & AJ), D.r.a.g.o.n. Force (AC & AF), Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge (AC & CU), Danger Freak (CU), Darius+ (AC), Dark Castle (CU), Darkman (AP), Darkmere (AC, AF, AJ, AP & CU ), Dark Queen of Krynn (AF & AP), D-Day (AF & AP), Deathbringer (AF, AP & CU), Death Knights of Krynn (AP & CU), Death Trap (AF, AJ, CU & Zero), Deep Core (AF), Defender II (AF & AJ), Demon's Tomb (AF, AJ & CU), Denaris (AC), Dennis ECS (AF & AJ), Dennis AGA (AJ & AP), Dennis CD32 (AP), Devious Designs (AC, AF & CU), Diablo (CU), Dick Tracy (AJ & CU), Dino Wars (AP), Disc (AC, AJ, AP & CU), Discovery (AP), Disposable Hero (AF), Disposable Hero CD32 (AF & AJ), Dogs of War (CU), Donk (AF & AJ), Donk CD32 (AF & AJ), Double Dragon III (AC, AP & CU), Dracula (AF, AJ & AP), Dragon Fighter (AP), Dragons of Flame (AF & CU), Dragon Spirit (AF & CU), Drakkhen (AF, CU & Zzap), Dreamweb (AC, AF, AJ & CU), Dreamweb AGA (AJ & AP), Drivin' Force ( AF & Zero), Dr Plummet's House of Flux (AJ), Duck Tales (AC, AF & AJ), Dugger (CU), Dune II (AF), Dungeon Master (AC), Dungeon Master 2 (AF, AJ & CU), Dungeon Quest (CU), Dungeons 'n' Everythin' (AP), Dylan Dog (AC & AP), Dyna Blaster (AC, AF, AP & CU), Dynasty Wars (AF) and Dyter-07 (AF).

Update 14-11-2010
A new month with a new update. This time I've updated and added reviews of games starting with a "C"...

I also took the courage putting Cannon Fodder 2 online - a game of which I do not have fond memories... ;) It was waaay too hard. Playing it all those years after in an Emulator using a trainer, the game is even tougher than I remember. But at least I could grab some nice pictures of the Chicago-levels (See picture on the right - taken from Level 13 if I remember correctly). It is remarkable how well the game was still received by the press despite no new features and a full asking price.

  • Alien Breed - Tower Assault (AC), Brain Artifice (AJ), Caesar (AF), Caesar Deluxe (AF), Campaign 1 (AF), Campaign 1 Datadisk (AF), Cannon Fodder CD32 (AP), Cannon Fodder 2 (AC, AF, AJ, AP & CU), Capone (AC), Captain Blood (AC), Captive (AF, AJ & CU), Carcharodon - White Sharks (AP & CU), Cardiax (AC, AF, AP & CU), Carthage (AF & AJ), Century (AJ), Chaos Strikes Back (AC, AF, CU & Zero), Charon 5 (AC), Chase (AC & CU), Chess Champion 2175 (AF, AF (2) & AP), Chubby Gristle (AC), Chuckie Egg (AF), Cisco Heat (AF, AP & CU), Civilization AGA (AP, AJ & AP) CJ's Elephant Antics (AP), Cliffhanger (AF, AJ & AP), Clown-O-Mania (Zero), Clystron (AJ), Cohort 1 (AJ & AP), Cohort 2 ( AF & AP), Colorado ( AJ), Complete Chess System (AJ & AP), Complete Universal Military Simulator (AF & AJ), Cool Spot (AC, AF & AP), Cosmic Pirate (AC, AF & CU), Cougar Force (AJ & AP), Count Duckula (AJ), Crazy Sue 1 (AP), Creatures (AC, AF, AP), Cricket Captain (AJ), Crime City (AC, AF & AP), Crime Does Not Pay (AC, AF, AJ & AP), Crime Time (AJ), Crown (AJ), Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (AF), Cubulus (AJ & AP), Custodian (AC & CU) and Cybexion (AJ).
Cannon Fodder 2

Update 03-10-2010
Bermuda project The restoration continues with titles starting with "B"... Besides updated HTML-code and new hyperlinks in reviews, you find following new reviews as well:
  • Back To The Future 2 (CU), Back Sides (AF), Bad Company (AF & Zero), Badlands Pete (AJ), Barbarian 1 (Palace) (AC & Zzap), Barbarian 1 (Psygnosis) (CU), Barbarian 2 (Psygnosis) (AC, AF, AP & CU), Battle Master (AF & AJ), Battlestorm CDTV (AF & AJ), Bermuda Project (AC), Bi-Fi Roll: Snack Zone (AJ), Big Red Adventure (AF), Billiards Simulator (AC), Black Shadow (CU), Black Tiger (AC, AF & CU), Blastar (AF & AJ), Blue Max (AF & AP), Bomb Busters (AC), Bomber Bob (AJ & CU), Bomb Jack (AC & CU), Bubba 'n' Stix (AJ) Bubba 'n' Stix CD32 (AJ) and Burning Rubber (AF).

Update 12-09-2010
Glad you visit this page! A little month ago I found the courage to take on the daunting task uploading Amiga reviews from my harddrive and renovate a couple of pages as well.
In this update you find new reviews of games starting with a number or "A". Enjoy the nostalgic trip...
  • 10 out of 10 Early Essentials (AF), English (AF), Maths - Algebra (AF), Maths - Numbers (AF), 1869 (AF & AP), 1869 AGA (AF), 5th Gear (AF), 9 Lives (AJ), Air Support (AF & AP), Airforce Commander (AF & AJ), Alfred Chicken (AF), Alfred Chicken AGA (AJ), Alfred Chicken CD32 (AF, AJ & AP), 'Allo 'Allo (AF & AP) Amazing Spiderman (AF & CU), Antago (AF & CU), Aquanaut (AC & CU), Arabian Nights CD32 ( AF & AP), Arnie 2 (AJ), Arya Vaiv (AJ), Atomic Robokid (AF, CU & Zero) and Atomix (AC & CU)
9 Lives

Update 05-09-2009

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