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"What is this whole site about? Why are only a few magazines HTML-ised?" This and other questions will (hopefully) be answered here.

What's an 'Amiga'?
The Amiga is a family of homecomputers manufactured by Commodore Business Machines between 1986 and 1994. The machine was marketed as a tool for graphics and video editing but it will be most remembered for its games. Its 16-bit graphics, 4-channel sound output and 1 Mb of memory made it a great platform to produce games for.

  When I read the games index, I see the words 'AGA', 'CDTV' and 'CD32' with a gamestitle. What do these mean?
Amiga CD32 This might get a bit technical. Generally, it means a game is produced for a specific Amiga model. Throughout the years many models were introduced. One can roughly distinguish four types:
- ‘Standard’ Amigas: most people will know these types of Amigas. They featured 1 Mb memory and could handle up to 4096 colours in 16-bit simultaneously on screen. The A500, A500+, A600, A1000, A1500, A2000, and A3000 belong to this family;
- ‘CDTV’: Introduced during the summer of 1990, the CDTV is nothing more than a standard Amiga without a keyboard but with a CD-Rom device;
- ‘AGA’: 1993 saw the first real next-generation Amigas featuring 2 Mb of memory, a higher clock speed and the AGA-graphics mode which could handle up to 16.6 million colours on screen (similar to VGA-mode on PCs). Although Commodore went bust in 1994, third party manufacturers managed to produce additional videocards, memory and CPU-boards to accelerate the machines so they could also handle resource-demanding 3D games. The A1200 and A4000 are members of the AGA-family.
- ‘CD32’: Commodore’s final attempt in 1993 to create the ultimate console. The CD32 was marketed as the world’s first 32-bit console but once again it was nothing more than an Amiga without keyboard but with a CD-Rom device.

  Why putting reviews of dated games for a dead machine online?
You call it dead and dated but for me it is pure nostalgia. The Amiga is part of the 16-bit generation which emerged late Eighties and lasted until 1994. During this era some of the most imaginative titles like Carrier Command, Elite, Dune II and Simon the Sorceror appeared. Many games were handcrafted and clapped-out ideas were exploited. Also the videogame magazines which appeared those days were written by game fanatics rather than journalists. Although the reviews were not in-depth they were at least enjoyable to read. With this site I try to capture the atmosphere of the 16-bit area.

Why don't you have put scans of the reviews online?
I remember a discussion I had on the forum at Lemon 64 back in 2000. Some people wanted to put every single page of all 104 Zzap! issues online. This would take up hundreds of Megabytes. The other alternative would be OCR-ing reviews; creating HTML pages which take up only a few Kilobytes. I have chosen the latter alternative and added, whenever necessary, some aspects of the original review's layout to the text (e.g. facial expressions of reviewers, layout of a scorebox).

  Which reviews of Amiga games do you put online?
Anything - as long it is not a review of a rerelease on budget. I try to cover all genres available on Amiga: from action to strategy.

  Do you have a social life?
Errr... yes. Although the amount of work that goes in scanning logo's and OCR-ing texts is intensive, I use standard layouts - This saves lots of work.
I began to work on this site in August 2000 but put it two years later in September 2002 online, so it has been a long time in the making. ;)

Typical layout of a review in Zzap!
Original review
Typical layout of a review in Zzap!

  Why don't you have translated the German reviews in English?
I am not a translator and both German and English are not my native language. If I would translate all German text this site would have never seen the daylight.

  Why isn't Amiga Power/Amiga Action/any other Amiga magazine featured on your site?
Due to a small purse there were only a few Amiga magazines I bought back in those days. Many magazines also were not available at my newsagent. My main purpose is putting online all the magazines I have bought.

  Are the HTML-ised reviews approved by their original authors?
No. I am trying to contact the authors of the articles. If you happen to be the author of an article on this site and have an objection to seeing it online, please feel free to contact me so I can remove it.