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Welcome to Amiga Reviews - a site devoted to the Amiga, its games and magazines that have reviewed them.

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I am an avid videogame magazines collector collecting magazines since 1989. Back in 2000 my old mags from the Eighties started to fall apart and I decided to preserve them by converting game reviews to HTML.
This website contains 7811 reviews of 2375 games for the Amiga home computer that originally appeared between 1987 and 2000 in seven mags I regularly bought: Amiga Computing, Amiga Format, Amiga Joker, Amiga Power, CU Amiga, ZERO and Zzap!

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Tim Janssen

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Favorite issues of mags that are reviewed on Amiga Reviews
Amiga Computing, September 1991 Amiga Joker, May 1992 CU Amiga, September 1992 Zzap!, July 1989 Amiga Format, August 1991 Amiga Power, February 1994 ZERO, November 1990