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Electronic Arts
Price: £24.95

Zany golf I don’t think that I have ever seen anything quite as silly as Zany Golf (except perhaps a Brosette). The latest release for the Amiga from Electronic Arts is a crazy golf simulator with a difference – it is playable.
The introduction screen is an impressive 3D scrolling picture of a nasty looking course, this is backed by a jaunty piece of music and, from this screen, you can choose between the number of players, between one and four.

Each hole is 3D and features normal, everyday obstacles to negotiate, like bouncing hamburger, giant ketchup bottles and magic carpets. The mouse is used to control your putter and also to scroll the screen about. Many holes feature special puzzles that must be worked out before progress can be made. Hints on how to do so can be found on the preview screen.
The graphics are excellent all the way through, shading and perspective are used to a standard that I have not seen since Marble Madness. Each hole has a different piece of music which partly makes up for the lack of spot effects.

With many other golf games you simply putt around the whole course trying to better your previous best – not so with Zany Golf. You start with three spare shots and each time you play a stroke you lose one of them. Should you get to the next hole the par for it is added onto your spare shots counter. It is also possible to gain extra shots by squashing fairies with the ball or completing a hole quickly on a bonus timer level. This system means that you are going to need a lot of practice to see all the holes, which makes the game all the more playable. Overall, it is rough.

Zany Golf is an outstanding piece of software. Graphics, sound and presentation are all excellent. You will never want to play another game of clock golf on a miserable day of the seaside again.
Mark Mainwood

CU Amiga, April 1989, p.37


Zany golf logo

Firebird, Amiga £24.99
Zany golf L ook across the page a minute. Notice the type of game being reviewed? It's a crazy golf simulation! Isn't that a coincidence, what with this being a crazy golf sim as well? The difference is that in Mini Golf most of the play takes place on flat, two dimensional greens, whereas in Zany Golf all the action takes place in a multi-directional scrolling, forced perspective environment.
Each hole has its own theme – castles, windmills, fans, etc – and requires special tactics to complete. You only have a certain amount of strokes for each hole and there are bonus strokes for, say, touching the fairy with your ball or completing a time bonus.

Zzap! Issue 48, April 1989, p.24

Maff Of the two golf games that came in this month I played the Gremlin product first. I thought that they'd interpreted the game as well as could be expected, so I had quite a pleasant surprise when I loaded Zany Golf. The strange intro sequence and intermission screens are very pretty and have a sort of Disney-cum-Alice in Wonderland feel about them. The whole thing is very nutty and incredibly playable; easily as much fun as the real thing. I've no hesitation about recommending this little gem.

Kati If you notice, I say in the review of that other golf game that I really like mini golf. Zany Golf captures much more of the feel of a real game of crazy golf, with its strange buildings, mental tunes and weird bonus systems. The only thing that concerns me is that there are only nine holes to play, which means that once you've completed them you may get a bit bored. Having said that, I've been playing it for a while and I'm still not bored. Check it out!

Four-player option, wonderfully atmospheric appearance and great touches throughout. The multiload's a bit odd, though.
Extremely well drawn and colored intro screens and holes. Slightly messy scrolling.
Superbly weird tunes add exactly the right atmosphere.
As soon as you see the stupid title screen you know it's going to be fun.
Only nine holes, but they should take a while to complete and you can always improve your score, the four-player option guarantees long-term interest.
A great 'sports' game which is good for a laugh or ten.