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Wreckers Wreckers is an isometric, fully scrolling shoot 'em up with the player controlling a trio of space cadets. The game's scenario tells of an important orbiting outpost, which is currently under attack from globular aliens. With the rest of the crew out of action, it is up to the player to repel the enemy invasion using whatever means you can find aboard the station.

The game opens with the invitation to select one of the three crew members, and the selected hero is then dropped into the play area. The station is a massive beast, comprising a series of lifts, shuttle stops, and murky corridors, and the heroes can be guided through this area using the joystick, whilst the fire-button either fires their lasers or, depending no their proximity to the relevant equipment, lets them utilise the ship's computers or assorted modes of transport. To allow toe player to get used to the controls, the actual Wreckers' invasion takes a while to build up, however, once the globular creatures start to swarm the action really hots up. Drifting in from space, the Wreckers enter the ship by attaching themselves to the station's walls and use osmosis to pass through the steel structure.

As the Wreckers attack, they must be located and shot before their menace can be finally ended. And the nice thing about the game is the wide variety of ways this ultimate end can be achieved. Awaiting your attentions outside the station is what appears to be a Hoover which can be used to suck up any nearby creatures, and the trio can also leave the safety of the station and take the battle to the oncoming Wreckers - oxygen supplies permitting, of course.

There's no doubting that Wreckers is a very polished game, and quite enjoyable, too. The trouble is that there doesn't seem to be any sense of urgency to the invaders' attack, and this seems odd seeing as you are the World's most important outpost. This is only a minor gripe, though, and for those of you who enjoy something a little more cerebral, Wreckers should fit the bill ideally.
Steve Merrett

CU Amiga, July 1991, p.105

Galactic shoot 'em up with some nice twists