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Price: £14.99   Publisher: Apex Systems   see text

World golf Q uote of the month: "I played the cover disk demos of Sensible Golf, and frankly, I was not impressed". So writes Mr David Kirk of Apex Systems. Of course, the difference between Mr Kirk and most unimpressed readers, is that he actually did something about it – he went and wrote his own version. Oh yes...

It is indeed true, for here before us we find World Cup, an interesting little offering that comes courtesy of mail order only for the bargain price of £15. There are five famous courses to choose from (Castle Pines, Gleneagles, Little Aston, Muirfield Village, and Wentworth), 63 individually skilled computer opponents to challenge, and the option of up to four human players. There is also an auto-caddie option, where the computer points you in the right direction and selects the correct club for you.

The game format is nothing particularly new, with the good old power-bar making an appearance and, on the whole, it all holds together well. The presentation is nice and clear, the sound effects are as effective as I guess it is possible to be with a big empty field, and everything works as well as you would expect. It is just that it is a bit unremarkable.

The graphics are simple, but do not really offer the player much in the way of reward, while the gameplay is a bit too basic to warrant any striking comment. It really is just a straight forward cross between Sensi Golf and the millions of other golf games we have seen over the past few years.

Because it is so plain, there is nothing to rave over and, similarly, nothing to really moan about. The only possible complaint (and perhaps where Mr Kirk should have a look at Sensi) is that the scale does not change when you get onto the green, making accurate targeting and power selection a lot less comfortable. There is also a problem when, if you are right by the hole but technically off the green, it defaults to irons, leaving you to misjudge and tonk the ball over the other side again (and I do not remember golf balls bouncing like ping ping balls either!).

As for Mr Kirk saying that he made this game because he was disappointed with Sensi, well, I think it is a ‘people in glass houses’ situation. Should you fancy a copy of World Golf, you will want to send £14.99 to Apex System, 8 Gosling Gate Road, Goldthrope, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S63 9LU.

CU Amiga, April 1996, p.51