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Winter Supersports '92 As the Summer Olympics in Barcelona end, Flair bring out a game based on winter games. This is either a bit out of date, considering the Winter Olympics were held earlier in the year, or a tad premature the next event will be in 1996.

Aside from a poor sense of timing, as a game it's on the ball. It's based on a multiple-sports format, along the lines of Epyx's Games series a few years back. There are eight events, which can be played individually or in a series, by one or two players. The problem is, some of the events are so similar it seems there's not much to the game. Bobsled and Luge are variations of the same event, while Downhill Skiing and Giant Slalom are both based on the familiar downward-scrolling ski course. Also, Bale Jumping and Speed Skating are based on an identical 3D course with polygon graphics, the only difference being a polygon bale which has been thrown in for good measure.

Pro Ski Challenge, a one-on-one downhill ski race with jumps, and Skidoo racing, an average Super Sprint-style game, are the highlights of the package. A not very mixed bag of out-of-season sports, playable... but not for long.
Tim Howell

Verdict: 65%

Amiga Format, Issue 38, September 1992, p.65