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Wild life The word Green now has two meanings: naivety or environmental concern. A fact that has to borne in mind when playing Wildlife. In this photo safari, your job is to take interesting pics of animals and shoot a few poachers. After selecting one of four continents and being told which three animals to snap, you're whisked off to the country in question. Use the icons to grab your camera components, then uses two lenses and a rifle to complete the assignment. As the landscape scrolls horizontally across from right to left poachers and animals pop up. You select either the camera or rifle, place the cursor over the target and start shooting. Occasionally there's medi-kits, to heal damage the poachers' bullets have done to you, and more film to grab.

Wildlife has a whole flock of albatrosses hanging about its neck. The game style itself is unoriginal, following in the same tracks as Safari Gubs (sorry, Guns) but lacking the facility to examine the pics you've taken, a feature of SG. It's also too easy and lacks involved gameplay, all you need is a quick mouse hand and it's game over. Finally and most importantly the game's very pretty, but there's no addictive hook. Essentially Op Wolf without gameplay or graphics, so you'd have to be very green indeed to find Wildlife appealing.
Trenton Webb

Amiga Format, Issue 14, September 1990, p.?