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Infogrames, Amiga £24.99
T Welltris he Russian game that sent the West mad is back with a vengeance. For the uninitiated, Tetris involved manipulating falling coloured shapes so that when they landed they might form a line with other shapes. The concept of the sequel is similar, but it has been expanded.

This time the play area consists of a square 'well' - with you looking down into it. As before, oddly shaped pieces fall down one at a time. These can be moved around the four walls of the well and rotated. Your aim is again to form straight lines from one side of the well to another. Once a line is formed it disappears with a satisfying thunk, pieces resting on the line move together, and you get lots of points.

If you're slow forming lines, then the well will fill up with pieces. And if a piece doesn't fall completely into the well - i.e. part of it sticks out up the wall - then the well flashes red and no pieces can be moved across it until another three pieces have fallen. If all four walls turns red then it's game over!

To begin with the pieces fall very slowly, but after 15 pieces an awkwardly shaped bonus piece falls and then the speed is increased by one. Also, the purely decorative picture on the right of the screen changes with a short burst of Russian music.
There are five speeds which can be set at the start, and three levels with bigger more awkward pieces.

Zzap! Issue 65, September 1990, p.69

Scorelord I never bought Tetris so was never hooked. As for Welltris it definitely lacks instant graphic impact. The decorative pictures on the right are nice, but not much more than that and the thankfully brief Russian tunes require a bottle of vodka to be enjoyed. Even the gameplay seems a little dull and slow as you begin. But after just a while it really starts to grip. On the easiest level I was playing until my hand got cramp! It really is very satisfying putting all the pieces together, a continually demanding and rewarding experience that is extremely addictive. It's a pity the pictures weren't more interesting, but who needs them? This is a first-class game which compares very well with both Pipemania and Klax. Although it lacks their variety of gameplay, it's less frustrating. Highly recommended.

Phil King I'm not sure Welltris will have quite the same impact as its predecessor but its just as addictive. The 'three-dimensional' aspect makes it even more puzzling, giving you many more options for the positioning of each shape. Despite this, with its simple rules the game is easy enough to get into straight away, and the lowest speed setting is a nice, leisurely pace. As with the original, presentation is the game's weak point with purely functional game graphics, mediocre pictures and irregular out-of-tune tunes. It hardly pushes the Amiga, but the game will surely push even the brainiest mind to the limit - yes, even mine!

6 4
A C64 conversion is highly likely, but programming has yet to start.

Choose from three levels and five speeds. Two control methods. High scores saved.
Simple, but very effective game graphics accompanied with some decorative pics of the USSR.
Satisfying 'kerthunk' when you complete a line and Russian tunelets when you complete a level.
One or two goes are all you need to get hooked...
…and while the dull pics aren't much of a reward for progress, high playability means you'll come back to this for years.
Tetris gains another dimension to become even more addictive.