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PRICE: 19.99

Turn it M any years ago I used to play a simple game with my family called Pairs which involved matching sets of two identical pictures with each other by a process of memory and elimination. Unbeknown to me this was a westernised form of Mahjong, a devious oriental game with many patterned tiles that Japanese businessmen play for hours on end (usually with a naked woman being revealed as the game progresses). So you won't be surprised to find that Turn It is Mahjong with a completely literal title for uneducated Brits.

The other surprise with Turn It is that it comes from Germany. The game is as simple as I've explained, but to match up pairs they either have to be adjacent or linked by the margin of the board? That sounds far more complicated than it is.

Now you either like games like this or you don't. I don't. So how can I explain away the fact that I find it so addictive? I became completely engrossed in it last night when I came home drunk as a skunk and put it down to no more than being mesmerised whilst in an alcoholic stupor. But there it was this morning saying 'play me, play me'.

In truth it has nothing to recommend in the graphics dept or in the sonics. All I know is that you don't have to be drunk or Japanese to get a kick out of it.

Mike Pattenden

CU Amiga, July 1990, p.45