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Lucasfilm Games * £19.99

Their finest missions – Volume one If winning the Battle of Britain (Their Finest Hour) AF11 90 per cent was not enough, Lucasfilm have designed a host of new missions for this multi-plane simulation. It includes: five Spitfire missions, four Hurricane, five BF109E, three BF110C-4, two Stuka, one DO 17Z-2, two HE 111 H-3 and a JU 88 A-1. If that means anything to you then you are probably sold on the idea.

The new missions are tough little numbers with delightful titles like ‘Panic’ and ‘Suicide’. You obviously need the original BoB but if you have got it and enjoyed it then sign up for another tour of duty – on both sides!
Trenton Webb

Verdict: 83%

Amiga Format, Issue 28, November 1991, p.102