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Tankattack It is yet another one of those computer board game thingies from CDS, the company that invented, in the words of our Ed, ‘The best game ever’, Brian Cloughs Football Fortunes. This time they are trying something a little more aggressive than football (is there such a thing?), war.

Inside the large cardboard box you receive a fold out map of the four game provinces, the game disk, game instructions and a plastic bag full of little plastic tanks and armoured cars. This is how the game works. Each of the players (2-4) have a small army of their very own province. In each province is a base. The idea is to get a tank onto one of your opponent’s bases and destroy it, thereby eradicating them.

The actual game movement all takes place on the board. However, all the game calculations take place on the computer, allocating the amount of movement points as well as deciding the results of any battle that take place with some glorious battle graphics.

Loads of fun, involving as Brian Clough’s Cloughy Cloughy, and definitely worth getting, but only if you have got a friend who will play it with you.

CU Amiga, September 1989, p.56