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Electric Dreams, Amiga £24.99
Super Hang-On; Rockford: Talk about Hang-On! A few years ago a strange machine began to appear in arcades across the country. It consisted of a monitor in the front of a red replica of a racing bike. You were supposed to sit on the bike and lean sideways to steer around the corners. That was Hang-On.
Later a whole new breed of 'moving' race games began to spring up, so Sega came up with another machine - Super Hang-On, this took the original, improved the graphics and sound, added new stages and tunes and gave players a different bike to sit on.
Some proclaimed that the new version was the best racing game ever, 'even better than Out Run' (I wonder where that one came from…), so naturally there had to be a conversion…

And this is it, folks. First off, you can pick mouse or joystick (you can even adjust their sensitivity). Next comes a choice of circuit (6 stages in Africa, 10 in Asia, 10 in America and 18 in Europe) followed by a selection of one of four tunes or sound effects. After all that, it's off to the starting grid…
You've got a single-gear racing bike with the option of a nitro-injected turbo boost for that added VROOOOM, to help you get past those troublesome riders that slow you down and cause you to veer off course when hit.

To win a race, you've got to finish all the stages within the time limit – otherwise it's back to the pits for you, Barry.

Zzap! Issue 48, April 1989, pp.22-23

Gordo The 3D effect of Super Hang-On makes me feel as through my hair should be blown back by the breeze as I play it. This is its major strength and, let's face it, it's the one that really counts. The power of the Amiga has been used very well, allowing large sprites to be displayed and animated very quickly to give a very accurate rendition of the arcade original. The only thing I'm disappointed with is the sound. The motorbike just drones and the tunes are… well, poor. Still, it's a great conversion and a brilliant game in its own right. Now where's me heavy biker boots…

Maff I was a great fan of the original Hang-On in the arcades and the few games that I had of Super Hang-On were equally enjoyable. Electric Dreams have done a great job on the conversion, from the large detailed bike sprites to the fast and effective 3D. The feel of the controls seems to have been nicely worked out too, giving a very comfortable steering action to play with. There is little difference in presentation between this and the arcade version, except for the multiload – and that doesn't detract from the gameplay in any way, as it only occurs the first time you pick a new circuit. So all you racers out there, forget your leathers and pick up your mouse (God that was corny).

Good front end, comfortable steering method, choice of mouse or joystick, several tunes and control adjustment.
Clean, crisp and large sprites whizz through a superb 3D environment.
Whiney motorbike sounds and four sounds of dire music which fail to reflect the game's action.
Great fun to play as you zoom along at ridiculous speeds again and again and...
The appeal may wear off slightly once you've completed all four circuits, but they're going to take some beating.
A great motorbike game and a brilliant arcade conversion.
Conversion Factor: 94%