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U Subwar 2050 CD32 nder the sea, it is dark, foreboding and scary. In the Amiga Format office it is not any of those things. That is why it is nice to boot up the CD32 version and take to the high seas below the surface on the water, so to speak.
Anyway, superfluous nonsense aside, Subwar 2050 shows promise in simulation land in many ways. Traditionally, submarine sims are a bit bland and boring due to the lack of visual stimulus. Until now, most of the work was achieved through interpretation of charts and sonar readings.
MicroProse, being the smart chappies that they are, have played around with phsysics a bit, ignored the boring bits, where reality intrudes on the fun, and added some blatant unrealities to spice things up.

In Subwar 2050 you can see objects around you at any depth: a Head Up Display superimposes the thermal layers of the ocean depths on to the front of the screen. As such, the game feels like a flight sim taking place under water.
There are two wing men and several submarine tactics to acquaint yourself with. The game handily provides a training mission which gently introduces all of the major elements of successful submarine warfare.

The missions themselves consist of several increasingly difficult stages. The only criticism being that there are not enough of them.
Still, I loved playing it on the A1200 and have no qualms about recommending it to the CD32 version either.

Steve McGill
Amiga Format, Issue 78, December 1995, p.65

SUBWAR 2050 CD32

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