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D & H Games * 9.99

Striker manager Yet another footy game, but a management game like Player Manager rather than an arcadey action type one. The game is protected with a dongle (which doesn't fit on to a 2000) plugged into a joystick port, which is always annoying.

You start off by choosing which league you want to play in. There are 16 European leagues, from France to Spain, and after choosing one you are presented with the main menu where you can buy and sell players, look at fixtures, and do other typical managerial-type things.

After having built up your super squad, it is time to play that game, and see if your little people can make you happy. This part of the game can be quite amusing because you get to see all the scoring chances.

It's quite fun to play, at least initially, but it's not the type of game you feel compelled to load up again and continue your career in. There are now better and more detailed management games. At least the price has been dropped, from 24.99 to 9.99.
Asam Ahmad

Verdict: 62%

Amiga Format, Issue 38, September 1992, p.65