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CDS, Amiga 19.99
Steve Davis World Snooker Never mind going out and winning matches, this Davis blokey earns quite enough, than you, from software royalties. Ah well, c'est la vie.

About the game. It's a snooker game. And a pool game. And a billiards game. Hmmm. Basically you get this table, and it's got balls on it, the number of which depends on the particular game being played. You get a cue, and try to hit the balls into one of the six holes dotted precariously around the sides of the table.

Points are scored for each ball potted, with penalties given for lousy shots, hitting balls that you're not supposed to, and dancing on the table in a nurse's uniform. And to think, people win thousands of pounds doing that, I'm in the wrong job (topical).

Zzap, Issue 50, June 1989, p.32

Randy Yeah, well, snooker isn't the most gripping or physical of sports, but then again I'm lazy so I lover it. It's a pity there is only a 2D option (I would have thought it is easy to get 3D on Amiga), but there you go. What is there is not bad, with graphics which, although basic, do the job, and balls 'roll' quite fluently, too. My favorite part was the zoom option, which lets you take a close-up view of the balls in play, should you be playing a tricky shot. If you like snooker and that sort of game, you shouldn't be disappointed with the selection here.

Fancy a game, Folks?
Kati Well, this is dead interesting, innit? Well, yeah it is. Not a half bad pool/snooker/billiards sim really with a couple of nifty graphical effects. Nothing to write home about if you're into really fancy presentation or sound but definitely one for the snooker fans. Or anyone else who fancies some really slick tabletop play. Or indeed people who think they're really interesting. Right then, bring on the beans.

Two-player option but the control method takes a bit of getting used to.
Functional 2D - a 3D option would have been nice.
Feeble sound effects and a bit of badly sampled tv snooker music.
Like most snooker sims, it takes a bit of getting into.
With three games to choose from you should be racking 'em up for some time.
A pretty slick snooker sim which is bound to appeal all Davis fans.