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Steg the slug A pparently, the Spectrum market went ape over the exploits of this gallant Gastropod, and it would be easy to dismiss Steg's success on such a machine purely because it was the only game released for it that month. However, Steg the Slug is actually very playable. Cast as the slimy Slug, the player has been charged with the task of feeding his young off-spring. These hungry little beggars are a little fussy, though, and demand grubs for their grub. Thus, the weird platform-based action gets rapidly more difficult as Steg scours a series of grub-filled mines in search of his family's dinner. As a slug, Steg can slime up walls to get to the grubs, but there is also a succession of rocket packs and bionic legs to take him to previously inaccessible snacks. And once he gets to them, they can be taken to the end of the level by encapsulating them in a bubble providing they don't come a cropper on the game's many hazards.

Okay, so it all sounds rather silly, but Steg is a very playable twist on the platform theme. New additions to the gameplay are steadily introduced to keep things interesting, and some of the later levels get very tricky indeed. Oh, and it also comes in the most gross-coloured box I've ever seen (you know when you've got a cold and your phlegm literally glows in the dark? Well, that's the colour I mean). What more could you ask for?
Steve Merrett


CU Amiga, September 1992, p.81