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Domark,C64 9.95 cassette, 12.95 disk; Amiga 19.95
Warning: Domark are at pains to point out that whatever information you may have heard to the contrary, Barry Manilow will not appear in their game. Not in any shape, size or form. Nope.

Spitting Image Phew! At least that's one set of nostrils we won't have to worry about.
Or do we?

Well actually we don't just have to worry about Barry's puzzling proboscis we've got to worry about everyone else's as well. No, no, it's not a mystery maniac plastic surgeon, it's worse than that basically, the end of the world is nigh.

Thing: I look bloody nothing like me! Or at least it nearly is, 'cos one of the world's six most threatening leaders (Maggie, Gorby, Ronnie, Pope Paulie, Knomeini or Bothie... er... sorry, Botha) is gonna take over if you don't throw a spanner in the works.

Spitting Image Hold it! We didn't mean literally throw a spanner just set those cute lil' old leaders fighting against each other one to one (best of five bouts) and see who survives. Then deal with the remaining blot on the political landscape secretly (i.e. find out when you get there, right?).

And that's it, is it? Nope. Well, you didn't expect this lot to play clean, did you? For a start each his own personal dirty secret er... weapon (whips, water pistols all that stuff) and an even nastier sidekick who comes on at demand to throw bottles, squirt explosives and other nasty tricks.
And now - Blue Peter.

Zzap Issue 47, March 1989, p.77

Kati Bit of a larf this. Well, the packaging and presentation is anyway. In fact, as far as jobs like the inlay, the box, the intro and the in-between game bits go, Domark have definitely come up with a winner. Shame the gameplay doesn't match up to all of that, though. I mean, strip away all the TV hype and all you've got is an average beat 'em up. On the Amiga version the graphics go some way to making up for this (big sprites, clever secret weapons) but the 64 version is so badly drawn you might as well be watching your mum and dad slogging it out on the local football pitch. If you really want this, try it out first.

Gordo If you fancy a soothing afternoon admiring the graphical capabilities of you 64, do yourself a favour don't buy a copy of this. OK, so forget about the graphics, what about the game bit boring if you ask me. It's really just a load of bashing the joystick and hoping you score a hit not the most varied beat 'em up I've ever seen. The Amiga version might have better animated graphics, but when you get down to it, the gameplay is pretty much the same - all the same. Don't buy, unless you're weely, weely sure it's what you want.

Trendy intro sequence and selection screen. Two-player game.
30% GRAPHICS 75%
Blocky, fuzzy sprites and basic backgrounds on the 64. The Amiga sprites are much larger, better animated and the backdrops have more detail but then, they should have.
43% SOUND 40%
Both versions have the familiar Spitting Image TV title tune and sparse, basic, in-game spot effects.
Well, it's worth looking into...
... but not for that long.
39% OVERALL 59%
Tasty presentation, not so tasty game.