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Loriciels, £19.99 disk
Space Racer The year is 2132. There's been a sharp increase in population (causing overcrowding) and with little to excite the populace, a general lack of vitality. A solution? Easy: increase the risk factor in the popular sport of motor racing. Obvious, really.

Participants race their hovercycles over a winding track, dodging marker posts (don't collide with them or you'll do yourself an injury), avoiding mines and planting the odd energy bomb up your opponents' tailpipes.

You can practice on one of three systems or go for the championship option: all the practice levels plus several more difficult tracks.

Zzap, Issue 46, February 1989, p.66

Kati Hamza I can't say I'd trade in a year's supply of Mars bars for a game as mediocre as this. For a start, it doesn't taste as nice and there isn't more than a week's gameplay (at the outside) in three fairly uneventful levels. Clever move that, making it sound like there's a really big selection of championship levels when, in fact, all you seem to get are the first three over and over again. Dead clever. Still, what there is of the gameplay is quite enjoyable and if you're a really hard race-ace, not too bothered about making the most of the Amiga's graphics capabilities and just happen to have 20 quid to spare, why not? Just don't expect too much...


Maff Evans Hmmm! Looks suspiciously like the ST version this. All the programmers have done is use the Amiga's power to generate nicer backdrops and intro screens. Where's the extra sprite shading? The smoother hills? The improved sound? Left out, that's where. At the end of the first three tracks of Championship mode, the screen informs you that this was just a practice and you now have to race for your life, only to return you to level one with no apparent changes. Three levels for 20 quid? That's just not on. If you really want this type of game, then wait for it to appear on the bargain shelves.

Pretty intermission and title screens but a poor control method.
Effective backgrounds and adequate sprites only just make up for the rather ineffective 3D.
A tinny title tune, three sampled effects and a feeble drone that plays throughout.
The control method is overly confusing, making your first few goes frustrating.
There is some fun to be had for a short while… until you complete the three different tracks.
A disappointingly average 3D racing game priced well out of its range.