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Alternative * 7.99

Sooty and Sweep In this game you get to play the little bear in his quest to explore a large house. Soo the panda, his main squeeze, accompanies him as he deals with all manner of possessed domestic items. The graphics have a curious sepia-tinted look to them, which contrasts with the cartoon-feel of most children's games. But this doesn't detract from the game. There is an easy mode and a hard mode, but the game is eminently playable on either, especially if you're hard. The only criticism is that the sprites may be a bit small for a kids' game. Bold colours and massive objects are usually the order of the day. Still, not a bad game, and one with lots of detail on each screen.
James Leach

Verdict: 80%

Amiga Format, Issue 39, October 1992, p.115