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Snapperazzi logo   In the Bin - Snapperazzi is the worst game of March 1994


Snapperazzi If there was ever a game that could win an award for being the most sponsored in the software industry, this would have to be it. Not only is The Sun newspaper behind it, but so are Fizzy Chewits and Domino Pizzas. While it is encouraging to see so many large companies taking an interest in the game world, it's a shame they had to sponsor such a terrible game. No, scratch that, Snapperazzi is staggeringly terrible.

Alternative have surpassed themselves with creating a game that plays on the lowest interests. Levels like Planet Of The Page Three Girls and Planet Royale should give you some idea of the topics covered. You play the Snapper, a small but willing photographer who wants to get into the world of the paparazzi.

To prove his worth to The Sun editor, he has to race around some large, jerky levels, taking pictures of some of the most misshapen sprites ever seen, while collecting rolls of film and trying to avoid bills, shops and anything else that might try to takes his money. He also needs to collect enough delicious Domino pizzas, so he can then build a space ship to take him to the next level.

I'm sorry, but this is really a dreadful game. The joystick controls are sticky and wooden feeling, the sound effects are drab and basic, and the garish use of background colours gives the game a very confused look. I can't think of anything positive about this game at all. Even the box front looks like it was thrown together in the dark.
Hayleigh Rodgers


CU Amiga, March 1994, p.82