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Sim City Deluxe Der klassische Städebau-Simulation von Maxis ist auch ein klassischer Gast auf unseren Compilation-Seiten, ohne ging es noch selten ab. Diesmal hat Infogrames das betagte Sim City zusammen mit der etwas jüngeren Architekture-Disk und dem Terrain Editor i eine Schachtel gepackt und will 94,- DM dafür haben. Trotz der unbestrittenen Qualitäten des Hauptprogramms und der Möglichkeit, dank der beiden Erweiterungen neues Land mit neuen Gebäuden zu besiedeln, scheint uns der Preis für den Oldy jedoch happig – da gab es schon weitaus vielversprechendere Kombinationen! Da die Franzosen auch am deutschen Manual gespart haben, muß sich ihr Páckchen also mit einem Platz im unteren Oberhaus begnügen. Aber wer das Spiel wirklich noch nicht kennt (ein, zwei Leute wird es schon geben...) sollte natürlich trotzdem zugreifen. (ml)

Amiga Joker, April 1993, p.101

Sim City Deluxe
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94,- DM

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Infogrames £35.99

S Sim City Deluxe im City is definitely a game that needs no introduction. After selling over a million and a half units around the world, it paved the way for products like Sim Earth, Sim Ant and Sim Life, and now has come full circle with Sim City Deluxe, everything you could ever need to be Mayor.

The basic premise of Sim City is that you act as a sort of God/town planner/mayor of a small city. On the face of it this seems to be a completely boring idea, but it turns out to be one of the most riveting Amiga games.

Inside the glamorous black and gold box are three packages, which link together to create a complete system. There is the original Sim City of course, where you do all the actual town planning and management – the heart of the game itself. Alongside that are the previously released Sim City Terrain Editor and Architekture 1. The released Terrain Editor, not surprisingly, allows you to alter terrain to your liking, so you can place your town on a rock plateau, or under 30 feet of water, which is not advisable. Architekture 1, on the other hand, is a set of three new scenarios for you to work with, all based in the far future (Future Europe, Future USA and a Moon Colony), and add stacks more challenge to a product that will already keep you up nights and indoors at weekends.

Sim City is now four years old, and thankfully it is still every bit as enjoyable as it always was. To say it is a classic would be like saying Tetris is a good puzzle game. If you do not have Sim City already, then there is no better way to get hold of it.
Tony Dillon


CU Amiga, March 1993, p.66